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Girl Scouts / Boy Scouts Group Registration

Welcome Scouts! We are excited to have you for a cooking experience, whether you are just doing a field trip or you are working towards a badge.

As a former girl scout, Chef Tiffany is proud to provide a discounted price for our local scouting programs. In order to provide this discount, we require 2 leaders or parents to stay and assist us with the event. This allows us to keep our staffing costs down so we can offer discounted rates.

Groups in elementary school are limited to 10 scouts. Middle and high school groups can have up to 14 students.  There is a minimum of 6 students to schedule an event. If this is an issue, please consider partnering with another small troop to plan your event. We simply can't open the school for less than 6 students. 

You can click the link below to see when we openings on the weekends - but don't register for a birthday party! LOL.

If you would like a weekday class for your group, please contact Chef Tiffany to discuss a date and time.

When you are ready to book, send an email to Chef Tiffany and she will create your own class page where parents must register their children individually. This allows us to collect the appropriate information about allergies and liability waivers. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Chef Tiffany

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