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Volunteer This Summer As A Junior Chef Assistant (Ages 12+)

Here at The Kids Cooking School we have an exciting opportunity for older students to volunteer during summer camp as a Junior Chef Assistant. We have had several volunteers in the past and are working on formalizing this program because it's an excellent opportunity to teach our young chefs the value of serving others, practicing a growth mindset, and the value of hard work.

There is a lot of information on this page. Please read it in detail before contacting Chef Tiffany with questions. :)

The Junior Chef Assistant program is great for students who love to cook, enjoy working with other kids, and want to learn what it's like to work in our kitchen. In many cases, students can apply their work towards any service hours they must complete. Students also earn rewards points to apply towards their own classes. We are hoping this program will act as training for future employees.



Tasks for Junior Chef Assistants vary from week to week, depending on the theme and the children in attendance. Examples include:

In most cases, the Junior Chef Assistant is not participating in class, but working with the Instructor and Kitchen Assistant to make sure the students in class have an amazing experience. If they want to participate in class, they should register as a student.

Summer Camp 2018 Schedule:

There are 11 weeks of camp this summer. Each week has 1 or 2 opportunities for volunteers, depending the schedule for that week. We ask that volunteers stay for a full day, even if there are half-day camps that week. This is to keep consistency throughout the day as well as eliminate the need for mid-day parent pickup. Volunteers can sign up for a full week of camp (Monday - Thursday), a Friday Baking Class (Friday only), or Camp + Friday.

We ask that you pick a week that works in your family's schedule. It may be difficult to find a replacement volunteer in the middle of summer. We understand that schedules change, but please do your best to review your family schedule before picking a week to volunteer.

Volunteers and parents will be notified if there is an opportunity for volunteers to select a second week to volunteer. We are not certain how many volunteers are going to apply yet, and we want to be sure there's enough room for everyone who is eligible.

Arrival Time: 8:30am SHARP

Pickup Time: 4:30pm

Parents who need earlier or later times due to their family's schedule are welcome to talk to Chef Tiffany about their schedule.

What to wear: Students should wear their hair tied back out of their face and closed-toe shoes. We will provide a t-shirt and an apron that will be left at school for washing each day. This puts the laundry on us, not you! There is a bathroom where they can change in/out of their uniform each day. They will be able to keep their t-shirt at the end of the week.

How To Apply:

Students must complete an application form here: Junior Chef Assistant Application . Parents will be notified via email if their child is selected for a volunteer position and will receive further instructions on how to register.

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